Client Solutions Executive

Are you tired of unrealistic goals with capped commissions?

ABS Communications has been one of the fastest growing solution providers for over 8 years!   Our wireline team is rapidly growing and we are looking for someone to join us!  

Role and Responsibilities

  • Providing technical support during sales meetings with your customers or with AT&T direct sales teams. Majority of time is spent uncovering opportunities with your own prospecting or working with AT&T direct sales teams.
  • Managing the technical discussions in client meetings across multiple levels and disciplines to identify business and technical needs, issues and priorities.
  • Formulate responses to customer inquiries/questions concerning moderately complex system software & applications, and provides software development and consultation to prospective users.
  • Understanding, developing and delivering products/services/systems/solutions to customer's business, information, technical and educational needs.
  • Meeting with customers engaged in sales activities at the customer's site, communicating with customers via phone, teleconference, e-mail, etc., related to proposed solution/sale etc.
  • Advising customers on suitability of products based on technical needs, preparing proposals, presentations, or bids, including developing pricing, developing strategic plans related to the customer and the proposed solution/sale.
  • Researching and developing customer solutions with AT&T direct sales teams, including strategizing for new logos or existing business to identify new sales opportunities.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years in telecommunications
  • AT&T experience required - Documented
  • Top performers/quota busters - Documented
  • Western & Central United States areas preferred but not required
  • The ability to secure new logos and grown existing business
  • Experience in MPLS, SD WAN, BVOIP, and cyber security sales to mid-size customers
  • The ability to design, price, and contract complex projects

Our goal is to make this the last place you work!

  • Tuition/Certifications Reimbursement Potential
  • Competetive Compensation
  • Insurance Benefits
  • 401k

So Tell us about yourself...